Woodworm Control Swindon And Wiltshire

woodworm control swindon wiltshire

Woodworm Control And Eradication Swindon And Wiltshire 30 Year Guarantee Included

Woodworm Problems Swindon And Wiltshire

The name woodworm is the commonly used for the term woodworm and is used for a number of wood boring insects. These lay their eggs on or in timber and their larvae feed upon the cellulose in the wood boring through it to leave a network of tunnels, this in thurn damages and weakening the structure of the woodworm

Woodworm attack can vary – both in the types of timber’s and which different species infest and their larvyl life span, this can range from ten months to 11 years. Therefore it is essential that accurate identification by the surveyor is the first essential step because not all woodworm infestations need treatment and pestcatcher surveyours are trained to identify all species of woodworm and advise on the best course of action.


The first necessary step is a professional survey to locate the areas of woodworm infestation, identify accurately the species involved and determine whether it is active or not. In domestic property it may be necessary to lift floorboards and gain access to roof voids. In many cases areas requiring woodworm treatment are obscured by a heavy accumulation of dust and old building debris. These must all be cleaned before treatment. Roof insulation also needs to be lifted to gain access to the timbers.

Woodworm Treatment Swindon

Pestcatcher technicians use all the latest insecticidal formulations that eliminate the woodworm insects on contact as they pass through the spray treated timber. Deep seated Death Watch Beetle infestations, in large section structural hardwoods for instance, require a more targeted treatment and here a deeply penetrating insecticidal gel is employed.

We also provide a full 30 year guarantee with all woodworm treatments once the treatment has finished we will provide you with a guarantee.

woodworm 30 year guarantee


We Have two further information sheets explaining the woodworm treatment that we offerl

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Timber Repairs

Where structurally necessary, heavily woodworm infested timbers will be cut away and replaced. Or they may be economically repaired by skilled joiners using resin repair techniques.

  • Modern, water based micro emulsion insecticides
  • Treated rooms can be re-occupied after just one hour
  • Non flammable
  • Generally applied by spray but also by brush, injection and in gel or paste formulations
  • Low odour, low hazard and HSE approved
  • Full liability insurance
  • 30 Year Guarntee on all woodworm

The 4 main woodworm species are:

Common Furniture Beetle
This beetle is responsible for about 75% of damage to property.

House Longhorn Beetle
The largest and most damaging but restricted mainly to the southern Home Counties.

Wood Boring Weevil
Normally associated with damp timber and wet rot decay.

Death Watch Beetle
Attacks hardwood and a damaging borer in old buildings such as churches.

What if there are bats in the roof?

As required by the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 Pestcatcher will notify Natural England prior to carrying out any treatment in an area where bats are present.

You also have the assurance that Pestcatcher remedial timber treatment products are approved by Natural England as suitable for use in bat roosts.

For more information on this subject, visit Natural England.