Pest Control Swindon busy wasp season ahead!

Wasp Control Swindon and Hornets

Hornets nest in Brinkworth


Its been a busy start to wasp season at Pestcatcher HQ! we have been dealing with wasps nests for about a month now and they are rapidly increasing in size.

We carried out a treatment for wasps today in Swindon next to Kingsdown school in Swindon and they were extremely aggressive.

We have also seen our first Hornets nest of the season. Hornets may look terrifying but in our experience they tend to be less aggressive than there little cousins. (Picture Above)

People often ask can they treat a wasps nest themselves and my answer to that is sure you can! I certainly would not recommend it as I have seen a lot of DIY attempts in the past that have normally ended up with the home owner covered in Wasp stings.

We also had a few years ago a famous Australian actor who lived near lechlade attempted to deal with a wasps nest which was actually built in the ground of their garden. The said actor and his gardener had attempted to deal with it by pouring petrol into the hole a lighting it! which as you can imagine did not go well. An area of pristine grass 2 metres around the hole was burnt and smelling of petrol and wasps were still happily coming and going from the hole.

We also had a client attempt the same approach as above but didn’t get close enough to fill the hole with petrol as he dressed in motorbike gear including helmet and leathers and attempted to get close but unfortunately a wasp got up inside the  helmet and you can imagine the result!

If you are going to attempt a DIY approach then keep the below in mind and stay safe!

  • You need proper equipment and protective clothing to safely remove a nest. (Look on Ebay for Bee Suits)
  • When a wasp stings it gives off pheromones, and this attracts other wasps who will all try to sting the victim.
  • Unfortunately, just spraying them with shop-bought solutions rarely works unless you can fully penetrate the nest.
  • Wasps will normally have sentries outside the nest protecting it and as soon as somebody gets to close they strike.

Please contact us if you would like us to deal with your wasps nest on 01793 630768 or CLICK HERE to visit our contact page