In this article we aim to provide a guide on how to prevent rats from gaining a foothold within you home or business premises.

Rodents in your home or business can do more harm than you realize. A rodent in your home can spread disease ruin your insulation and cause electrical issues. And in your place of business, you can be legally liable – at a high cost – for damaged stock, contaminated foods, health and safety violations, or other consequences.

They can enter the property via many routes including simple holes in the wall, cracks in mortar and via the sewer network.

Drainage is the single most area of entry we see when dealing with rat issues states Mark Burnett from Pestcatcher Pest Control in Swindon.

In this article, we discus some helpful ways you can stop rats entering the property. We try to provide some helpful tips in which you can prevent a rat infestation from occurring.

how to get rid of rats in house

The Warning Signs Of A Rat or Mouse Infestation

You should never ignore the warning signs of a rat or mouse infestation after all, Rats can damage your property and can carry disease. Early intervention is a must and if you experience any of the below tell tail signs then it is time to act.

Urine and Droppings

When a rat or mouse leaves its calling card, it’s likely to be in the form of droppings and urine. If you see any droppings at all its time to act —the longer you wait, the longer the rats or mice have to multiply in your home.

Unusual Noises

One of the surest signs of a mouse infestation is a loud scratching sound coming from your walls at night. This is the sound of mice scurrying, scratching, and moving around in search of their next meal.

Signs of Chewing

Mice love to chew, and they will gnaw away on anything they can leave a mark on. If you find any signs of chewing on your furniture, plaster, clothing, or even old books, the most likely culprit is a rat or mouse.

Holes in Walls

Once they’re inside your home, rats and mice will start looking for a safe place to nest. If you start finding small holes in wood furniture—such as drawers or cabinets—it’s a strong indicator that mice are present.

Strange Pet Behavior

Your cat or dog may notice the presence of rodents before you do. If you notice that your cat or dog seems to be pawing at unusual places—such as underneath the stove or fridge—it could be because they can smell a rat.

rat droppings signs of a infestation

Rodent Rat And Mouse Control

So, how do you manage a rodent infestation? Prevention is key. Firstly check the external perimeter of the property and check for holes that could allow access. The holes can be very small indeed remember if a rat or mouse can fits its head in it the hole it can get the rest of its body through it.

Make sure you seal up all holes that rodents could enter. Check both inside and outside your home to make sure that hidden areas are completely sealed. As I mentioned above It doesn’t take much space for a rodent to enter!

Methods for sealing holes include wire mesh, wire wool, expanding foam and cement and mortar. I prefer to insert wire mesh into the hole and fill the hole with and make good using mortar or cement depending how the wall is finished.

If you have checked the external perimeter and no further entry points exist another option is to investigate the sewers. Rats can gain access via broken sewer pipes under the property and ideally if you suspect sewers then you best bet maybe to call a Pest Control or drainage company to carry out a survey using drain cameras. If a break in the sewer is identified then repair of the pipe is suggested but not all people have the funds to do this. You may want to check you insurance policy to see if it covers you for broken pipes.

If the pipe is repaired we suggest installing a drainage one way flap commonly known as a rat flap, rabarrier, non return valve or ratblocker. This useful devices act as a one way flap and are installed in the sewer outlet to allow waste to flow but prevent rats gaining access. We suggest using only stainless steel rat flaps and ideally 316L grade as this grade of stainless steel is marine grade and anti-corrosive

Rat Flap Installed By Pestcatcher Pest Control Swindon


Waste and refuse areas including hay should be stored at least a foot off the ground, including your rubbish. If possible, move your waste further away from the house.

Also, watch what you are eating and drinking. Make sure that you clean up any spills and keep your food stored in containers. This is especially true if you have dog food that sits out, or if you use your backyard for cooking food outside.

Sometimes, a rodent infestation is inevitable. In that case, you can look towards setting out traps and bait in areas of high traffic. It usually takes a while for rats or mice to come near the trap, because they tend to be highly suspicious of new objects placed around them.

When to Call a Professional Pest Controller?

One of the most important things to remember is that part of preventing a rodent problem is knowing when to call for help. If there are simply too many rodents for you to handle, it means that you should have the problem examined by a trained professional. A professional service will be able to pinpoint any entrances you may have missed in your search and give you the proper ways to handle a large-scale infestation. Because the resulting damage from a rodent problem can be extensive, professionals also give you ways to clean up and even decontaminate in places where the nesting is at its worst.

If you’re in need of this kind of rodent control assistance in Swindon, Wiltshire, Oxfordshire, Gloucestershire. Our trained professionals will come out to inspect the problem and provide you with a quotation for dealing with the problem once and for all