A PEST control “smoke bomb” set off an alarm at a property in Tidworth Wiltshire which prompted firemen being called.

Dorset and Wiltshire Fire and Rescue Service is currently cautioning individuals that are using these pest control devices “smoke bombs” which can incidentally trigger home and business alarms.

Firefighters in Ludgershall were called to Arnott Close in Wiltshire after reports of smoke alarms going off on September 12.

Firemen found the property empty however they also found a number of smoke bombs in the loft.

Firefighter supervisor Katie Cornhill stated: “While it probably appeared well and good to set off the smoke bombs and after that venture out from home for the afternoon, the smoke was sufficient to set off the smoke alarms within the property.

“Smoke bombs are best used by pest control experts, as they know how to mitigate the risks, and certainly professional advice should be sought before using such devices in the home.”
She praised the neighbour for calling 999, adding: “The neighbour did exactly the right thing, they heard the alarm and called the fire service. However, had they known that smoke bombs were in use within the property, that information could have been shared with us at the time of call.”

Smoke bombs are used for the control of a variety of pests including cluster flies, fleas and other flying and crawling insects. We would advise that they are only used by professional pest controllers and there are always people within the property when they are set off “Says Mark Burnett at Pestcatcher Pest Control in Swindon.