Ratflap – 110mm non return valve for rats in sewers

Ratflap 110mm non return valve for drain protection against rats in sewers

ratflap 110mm non return valve

110mm non return valve ratflap

Do you have noises coming from your walls or ceilings then this could well be a sign of a rat infestation. The majority of rat problems are sewer related, this could be due to plastic sewer pipes being chewed or collapse of old ceramic or clay pipes.

We have become experts in the identification and remedy of these issues and carry out full cctv surveys and installation of our own design of raftflap for use in sewers.

There are other ratflaps on the market but these tend to be made using inferior 304 stainless where as ours use 316 marine grade stainless steel.

Why Install A Ratflap?

Ratflaps are extremely useful in the detection of sewer faults as-well as prevention of rat infestations.

  • Rats move in of out of properties all the time, they make nests within the property then enter the sewers to find food and water, the ratflap prevents this from happening
  • Moving a single flap from one outlet to another can help identify the pipe which is causing the issues.
  • Saves money on expensive sewer investigation work including pipe excavation.
  • Poisons have there place in the control of rats but they can leave bad smells the ratflap prevents this from happening

How And Where Do I Fit A Ratflap

Ratflaps are fitted within the manhole or inspection chamber, the manhole is normally located externally of the building and this is where all your waste flows.

Our ratflaps are extremely easy to install as they are push fit in design.

If you have any concerns regarding fitting our valves then contact us on 01793 630768 and we would be happy to install the valves for you.

If you would like to purchase the ratflap direct from us please visit www.sewerstore.co.uk