Our Pestcatcher Rat Flap 110mm Non Return Valve Stainless Steel 

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Rat Flap Non Return Valve

About Our Rat Flaps And Valves 

Pestcatcher 6″ and  4″ (100mm-110mm) Valves (non-return valves) effectively secure any home or business located  against Rat ingress caused by breakage in the sewer eiter from back flow of storm water and sewage. Rat ingress may be caused by collapsed drains, uncapped pipes or flooding pushing rats up through the pipe. Typically Rat Flap devices are installed in the manhole or sewer chamber and are used to prevent rats getting past this point and acting as a one way flap. Our valves are produced in house and are made using stainless 316 grade steel. Most other valves on the market use 304L stainless which is not as durable! 


  • Installed in 110mm and 6″ sewage pipes before they exit a building or sewage drains;
  • Prevents against rodents entering building interiors through the sewage and other sanitary systems;
  • Made of high-quality 316L Stainless Steel – resistance to the effects of chemicals and hot sewage;

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  • DRAIN AND SEWER NON RETURN VALVE – to stop rats and rodents from climbing up drain pipes, sewers, toilets and into your home.
  • ANTI RODENT FLAP VALVE with stainless steel flap and face prevents rodents from entering the property. The flap allows rats to leave the property but prevents them from coming back up the sewer or drain pipe. When fully inserted, the a complete stainless steel face prevents the rats from entering your property and protecting your house plumbing.
  • PESTCATCHER UNIQUE DESIGN ensures it will fit clay and plastic 110MM / 4″ AND 6″ pipes and opens and clears chamber walls on bent inlet chamber pipes
  • EASY TO INSTALL – Simple push fit design, just push into the end of a drain pipe or inlet into an inspection chamber, no need for any tools.
  • Humane way to stop rats in drains and homes, as the PESTCATCHER Rat Blocker Rat Flap allows the rat to leave the property but stops them from coming back. Used by professional pest controllers and drain engineers.
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