Rabbit Control Swindon And Wiltshire

Rabbit Control Swindon And Wiltshire

Rabbit Control Swindon And Wiltshire

Rabbits and Rabbit control can be a serious problem and it is the landowners obligation by law to control Rabbits on there land.

Not to mention it can be a hazard due to live stock and horses due to animals falling into holes.

Pestcatcher rabbit control offer a free survey to assess the rabbit problem and provide rabbit control if needed.

Rabbits feed mainly on vegetation including grass and garden plants including crops and can cause a great deal of damage.

They can also cause damage on golf clubs, railway lines, graveyards, school fields and farmland due to there burrowing and tunneling.

The History Of Rabbits Roman or Norman?

Years of division among academics over whether the Romans or the Normans introduced rabbits into Britain appears to have been resolved.

An archaeological dig in Norfolk has uncovered the remains of a 2,000-year-old rabbit – by far the oldest of its kind found on these shores and regarded as final proof that the creatures are now on the list of what the Romans ever did for us.

Many believed that the Normans introduced rabbits for their meat and fur.

However, others have always insisted that the creatures were brought in by the Romans, citing Marcus Terrentius Varro (116-27BC) who wrote that the legions brought rabbits from Spain, where they were reared in walled enclosures and then served up as a gourmet dish.

The remains were found at Lynford, near Thetford.

How We Provide Rabbit Control

We provide a variety of Rabbit Control methods these include Trapping, Shooting, Ferreting and Gassing.

Our preferred method is shooting and ferreting but other methods are used but are dependent on the location and if the location is suitable.

At the time of the initial survey we will discus the best method of rabbit control for your situation and provide a quotation. Please call us today on 01793 630768 or CLICK HERE for our contact pages