Bird & Pigeon Control Swindon And Wiltshire : Professional Pigeon And Seagull Netting

Pigeons can be extremely damaging to buildings and historic buildings with their dropping (Guano) employing a company to deal with birds and pigeon prevention can cause issues if improperly carried out.

Pestcatcher Pest Control are experts and are here to help you. We are trained in bird netting and other pest control techniques including culling.

  • We will send a qualified pest technician trained in bird control even on a short notice for emergency treatments including pigeon dispatch in warehouses.
  • We provide professional bird netting for buildings around Swindon and Wiltshire as well as bird-proofing with fire gel and anti-pigeon spikes.
  • Fully trained Marksmen for culling problem pigeons within all areas.
  • 24 hour emergency bird control helpline and online talk to a technician.
  • Our technicians will arrive in a non-branded van.
  • Domestic and Commercial Bird Control Work Carried out.

Professional Bird Sanitation

Birds, especially pigeons, transmit various disease once the control of birds has been carried out we would recommend a sanitization treatment after a pigeon control service is completed.

If you decide that a sanitization treatment is required we will attend and remove all bird droppings from the effected areas and remove insulation and other effected materials.

Once this has been carried out then we use special sanitization cleaning products to ensure the area can be used without the risk of disease.

Expert Pigeon Netting Service

How it works

  1. For bird proofing we have to do a survey of the property first. We then send an professional bird control expert to inspect the property in Swindon and Wiltshire we then check the extent of the bird or pigeon problem. We will then determine how to deal with any pigeon or seagull issue hygienically and professionally and quickly .
  2. After the inspection and we are given the go-ahead the bird control expert will install netting, pigeon prevention spikes, or fire gel to prevent these bird species from nesting or roosting on roofs. This bird control solution can protect whole roofs, warehouses and buildings which will keep them from settling and perching. Seagull removal and anti pigeon netting in Swindon is very effective for large open areas it provides a barrier that protects the premises without harming the birds.
  3. We can also carry out pigeon culling within premises and around premises. A expert marksmen will attend the premises at a time of day which suits your business such as out of working hours or weekend etc then cull pigeons on the premises.
  4. We will remove all dead pigeons and dispose of them.

If you would like to know more about the legal aspect of pigeons and the law please click here 

We are experts in bird and pigeon control and offer ongoing contract services or one off treatments. Contact us on 01793 630768 or use our contact form click here or email 

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