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Pestcatcher Pest Control in Wiltshire for Homes and Businesses

Pestcatcher Pest Control is a established Pest Control Company based in Wiltshire and we can help you tackle any pest problem! Our services are available for both domestic and commercial properties in the city and the nearby areas.

Meet the Local Pest Exterminator in Wiltshire

Mark Burnett is the pest technician responsible for the quality services provided in Wiltshire, he oversees each step of the process to make sure that all the services we offer are carried in a safe and effective way.

Pest Control In Swindon And Wiltshire - Professional Pest Control Solutions Pest Control in Wiltshire

Mark has many years of experience behind his back. In the past, his focus was the rodent and insect treatments but and first started in Pest Control working with Rentokil, he also mastered bird pest control, bed bug control and the heat treatment procedure.

Our Pest Control And Other Services



The first step is a thorough check-up of the property. The Wiltshire pest exterminator will check all entry points, signs and infested areas. He will determine the type of pest and the most appropriate treatment.



The pest treatment is individual for each problem. It might include chemical, Ratflap fitting, sewer cctv, treatment, steam treatment, fogging or even heat treatment depending on the type and size of the infestation. No matter what the case is, Pestcatcher Pest Control experts provide all services with a second to none equipment and family-friendly products.



After a short period, the specialist will re-examine your property for any signs of pest activity. If such is still present, the expert will proceed with further treatment until the infested areas are pest-free.

What Treatments are Available in Wiltshire

Flea Treatments

The flea exterminator will spray the infested rooms with a powerful insecticide. It has a residual effect which will last for a long time. If you choose a full treatment, the technician will return to check the property again.

Cockroaches Control

After your technician inspects your property, the technician will apply a special roach bait gel that is incredibly effective at attracting and poisoning the troublemakers. As a final measure, the cockroach control will apply an insecticide that has a prolonged residual effect. This will keep the roaches at bay and will dramatically minimise the chance of re-infestation.

Moth Control

The moth control expert will assess the situation and then will decide what type of treatment will work best. Most commonly, they use a special insecticide which should instantly eradicate the insects. Upon request, the exterminator can visit the property again and if necessary to treat the areas once again.

Wasp Control

Wasp can be treated in different ways – either using a freezing method or applying dust direct to the nest. It depends on each specific situation. We guarantee our wasp treatments and the exterminator will come back for a follow-up visit to treat the area if needed.

Pest Control In Swindon And Wiltshire - Professional Pest Control Solutions Pest Control in Wiltshire

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Other Services

Rat Flap Supply And Fitting

We are able to supply and fit Rat flap non return valves into your sewers to stop Rats entering your property. We now manufacturer stainless steel valves in house please see

House Clearance/Office Clearance

We are able to provide house clearance and Office Clearance to our clients.

Virus/Deep Cleaning

Utilising our pest control experience with dealing with verminous environments we are extremely well placed to deal with virus sanitation or all types of properties including schools, offices and homes.

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Dating back to Saxon times, Swindon has evolved from a small market town to one of the UK’s top 10 spots to make a living.

Located in Wiltshire in the southwest of England, this thriving city – once a powerhouse of the industrial revolution – has successfully managed to navigate the tricky post-war slump in heavy industry, attracting the knowledge-based sector and some of the highest average incomes in the country.

With the M4 on its doorstep, Swindon is well connected to major hubs such as Bristol, Reading, Oxford and Bath, all of which are only 30-35 miles drive. Swindon’s proximity to London, situated just 78 miles away, also makes the city an excellent base from commuters drawn by competitive house prices and the stunning Cotswolds countryside. And with Fast Growth City status and big business like Dyson, Intel and Nationwide setting up shop, Swindon is definitely one to watch.

If you are still on the fence, here are some more reasons to decide whether it’s time to snap up a Swindon postcode.