Moth Control

Carpet Moth Treatments Protect Your Clothes and Carpets With Our Clothes Moth Treatments

Have you noticed holes within clothes and fabrics especially wool? if you have then more thank likely you have a clothes moth problem. Clothes Moths can cause a great deal of damage which is why you should get a professional company to have a look and deal with the infestation. There are many diy solutions on the market but these rarely work due to the amount of chemical that is required to deal with the infestation. Pestcatcher Pest Control Swindon Clothes Moths treatments use residual chemicals or sometimes heat treating the property.

moth damage swindon

Clothes Moth Damage Example

Pestcatcher Pest Control provide efficient clothes moth control in Swindon, Wiltshire, Oxfordshire and Gloucestershire. We will save your belongings from these fabric munching moths, our service eradicates the eggs, larvae and adult moths. we have become experts in the eradication of these pests in the Swindon area.

  • We offer same day clothes moths fumigation treatments
  • We use chemicals which are safe around family and pets
  • We use unbranded vans and trucks ensuring complete discretion
  • We work weekdays, evenings and weekends

How we carry out Moth Extermination

  1. Our Technician will visit the property not a sales person and investigate the problem correctly identifying the type of moth.
  2. Our technician will then treat floor areas, curtains, wardrobes and skirting boards (Please note we cannot spray clothes or bedding)
  3. Once completed monitoring traps are placed which contain moth pheromone.
  4. Follow up visits can then be arranged at an additional cost.
  5. We recommend not hovering for 2 weeks after treatment has finished as this may cause the insecticide to degrade in effectiveness.

Facts About Moths

  1. The clothes moth larvae can eat: woollen clothing, wool rugs, feathered products, furniture, wall hangings, hats, dolls and toys, down filled quilts and coats.
  2. Moths avoid direct light, therefore they usually infest items, which are stored in dark places and are not moved very often.
  3. The common larvae of the Clothing Moth can easily devour up to 12 cm of fabric per minute.
  4. The eggs of a female moth are stored within her body. Once the male’s sperm has successfully fertilised them, the female can proceed to lay the eggs. A single female moth can lay more than 100 eggs at once.
  5. Moths fly at night to avoid birds. Their navigation source is moonlight.
  6. To prevent moth infestations you could use sachets with dried herbs like thyme, cloves, lavender, as they cannot stand their smell. Still, there’s a high possibility for the infestation to become a very serious problem.