A culmination of mild and warm Autumn in Swindon and now the colder weather starting to hit we have seen an increase of Rats entering homes and businesses.

The number of clients battling problems has noticeably picked up in the past few weeks, said Mark Burnett, the owner of Pestcatcher Pest Control.

In the last three weeks or so we are seeing an increase in rodent activity and it’s probably a bit later than normal.

It’s pretty widespread … from north to west to south to east, we’re fighting against it throughout Swindon and Wiltshire.

Rat Prevention Top Tips

  1. Look for Signs of Rat Activity. Even though rats can weigh up to 18 ounces, you don’t always see them. Most people discover rats by seeing signs of their presence. Look for droppings near food sources. Also, rats follow the same pathways as they search for food, so they leave greasy marks along sideboards and walls. Rats need to gnaw to keep their teeth sharp, so look for chew marks on wood around the house. Go outside and see if you can find any holes in the ground that weren’t there before. Rats always stay fairly close to their nests, which could be in the yard or the house.
  2. Plug up any Openings. Unlike mice, rats need a lot of water so they may travel in and out of your house. That’s why it’s important to seal up any cracks, holes, or entry points. Remember, if the hole is the size of a 10 pence piece, it’s big enough for a rat.
  3. Inspect The Sewers. Its always worth looking in the sewer chamber for signs of drain issues such as holes and debris as this may be a sign of a rat entry point. It may also be worth getting a drain inspection from a expert drainage company or pest controller. Thames water also provide drain surveys if you suspect a drain related rat issue.
  4. Repair The Sewer or fit a non return valve. If a sewer issue has been identified then we recommend repair of the sewer but alternative options can work including fitting of non return valve. There are various valves on the market but we recommend www.ratbarrier.co.uk or www.sewerstore.co.uk . We can also supply and fit non return valves if required.
  5. Baiting! I have left this to the end as it is a method of control that is a last resort. The reason being is that baiting is never a permanent solution and only temporally resolves the issue with rats quickly returning. All the above options should be explored first before baiting.

If you are suffering from a rat problem in your home or business then give pestcatcher a call on 01793 630768