Dogs and other pets are at serious risk from Fleas

With the coming of spring and summer as well as efficiently heated homes fleas can be active throughout the year.

Fleas are well known to pet owners in the UK and around the world. They have also always been present in our society and spread disease and epidemics. Pets can also be at risk if fleas are not treated quickly.

They can cause loss of skin and also skin infections through there saliva and also transmit parasites including tapeworm which in turn can cause liver problems and bacterial infections such as Hemobartonelo and Ehrlichia.

The Fleas life cycle is simple and effective they live on skin of the host animal and lay eggs on the skin. The eggs then fall onto the floor and the larvae then hatch and quickly grow.

Once large enough they will then jump back onto the animal and the whole process starts again. The whole process takes around 10-12 days. We see many cases of pet owners returning from holidays and arriving home to find a flea infestation. As you can see from the life cycle and infestation can take hold quickly.

Because of our lifestyles including heating all year round it is no longer a summer only problem although we generally see a increase in the summer. It is often not enough to treat your pets only with a flea treatment.

Often especially if you have a large number of pets a spray treatment will be required. The vets will sell you flea sprays but they are often very expensive such as acclaim flea spray.

You may find that getting a quote from your local pest control specialist will work out cheaper. We have seen cases of clients buying 10 tins of flea spray but still having a infestation.

This is due to the fact that during a flea treatment from your pest professional they will use a residual insecticide designed to stay active to kill of emerging eggs and fleas and breaking the life cycle.

They will also spray under beds around furniture ensuring total coverage most average houses require about 5 litres of chemical if not more.

People have often asked us if flea collars are effective and we have to say no.

Personally as a Dog owner I have tried many products and I suggest to my clients to use a good flea treatment spot on product I recommend Bayer Advantage for dogs and cats.

I would also recommend treating the house with a residual flea spray chemical from a pest controller of a shop or vet bought product.

If you have a questions please email or call 01793 630768 and we would be happy to help.