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When one of our pest control customers discovered two different types of cockroaches crawling through her kitchen, she was surprised to learn that there are more than one type of cockroach in the United Kingdom!

Three cockroach species are thought to be native to the United Kingdom, but they do not exist in Ireland. Ectobius pallidus (tawny cockroach), Ectobius lapponicus (dusky cockroach), and Ectobius panzeri (lesser cockroach). They are not pests and prefer to live outside. The latter is primarily a coastal insect found along England’s south and east coasts, as well as Wales’ south coast. The other two species are more common in southern England, with the tawny cockroach also found in south Wales.

Certain cockroach species have co-existed with humans in a variety of settings, including homes, ships, food production and storage facilities. These common household cockroaches were introduced into The United Kingdom over the last 200 years and are the fairly common household pests in the country.

The 6 Most Common Cockroaches In The United Kingdom


Cockroaches In The UK

We’ve displayed these different types of cockroaches in all their glory below to help you identify them in your home.. (or not).

Cockroach, Oriental

Blatta orientalis (scientific name)

How do oriental cockroaches look? The oriental cockroach measures 20-25 mm in length and is dark brown to black in colour. Females are up to 5 mm larger than males but lack wings, whereas males are smaller and have wings that cover almost their entire abdomen.

Where can I expect to find oriental cockroaches in my home? These cockroaches prefer moist, dark, and covered environments. Because of the abundance of water, they are frequently found in and around your pipes and drains. Contact us right away if you have leaking pipes! There’s a good chance you have a cockroach infestation!

What symptoms indicate an oriental cockroach infestation? If you’ve seen an oriental cockroach, that’s the most telling sign of an infestation! If you haven’t already, keep an eye out for egg cases and a distinct musty odour in sheltered areas of your home. The larger the colony, the fouler the odour!

What are the potential consequences of an oriental cockroach infestation? These cockroaches prefer areas where they can eat garbage and decaying organic matter. Crawling around garbage means they are carrying all of these bacteria (e.coli and salmonella) with them wherever they go. They spread these diseases and pathogens through food and clean surfaces in your home.

Cockroaches from Germany

Blatella germanica (scientific name)

How do German cockroaches look? German cockroaches are tan or light brown in colour, with two distinct dark brown lines running along the body’s edge. They are smaller than the other six cockroach species, measuring only 13-16 mm in length. Because these cockroaches are much faster and smaller than the other six types, they are more difficult to detect.

In my home, where will I find german cockroaches? These cockroaches prefer dark, humid environments such as kitchen and bathroom drains, crevices, and air ducts. Because they are food scavengers, they are frequently found in places where food is stored, such as cupboards.

What are the symptoms of a cockroach infestation in Germany? Droppings (small, dark spots or smears), egg capsules, and a musty odour are the most common signs of an infestation — the more cockroaches there are, the worse the smell

What are the dangers of a cockroach infestation in Germany? German cockroaches can transmit bacteria and cause allergies and asthma attacks, but they can also contaminate and infect food with an odorous body discharge — gross!

Cockroach from America

Periplaneta americana (scientific name)

How do American cockroaches look? Hold on to your hats, because American cockroaches are the largest of the six, measuring up to 53 mm in length! They have a reddish brown coat with a light yellow band around their head.

In my home, where will I find American cockroaches? These cockroaches prefer warm, dark, and humid environments, but they can survive in dry conditions if they have access to water. Basements, bathrooms, crawl spaces, kitchens, laundry rooms, cracks and crevices are all favourites. They frequently migrate outside when the weather is warm and back inside when it cools.

What are the symptoms of an infestation of American cockroaches? A sighting is the first possible sign of an American cockroach infestation. These cockroaches are extremely active, quick, and can even fly! Reddish to dark brown egg capsules, droppings, and a musty odour are other signs. The stench isn’t even the worst part; the worst part is that these cockroaches use the stench as an excuse to congregate in large groups.

What are the dangers of an infestation of American cockroaches? They, like the Australian cockroach, can carry bacteria such as salmonella and e.coli and cause allergies and asthma attacks. When they infest in large enough numbers, they emit an odour.

Cockroach with Brown Bands

Supella longipalpa (scientific name)

How do brown banded cockroaches appear? Brown banded cockroaches are the smallest of the six species mentioned, measuring only 11 to 14.5 mm in length. These invasive roaches have light to dark brown bodies with lighter tan or transparent wings that span their bodies. Females’ wings only extend about halfway down their abdomen.

In my home, where will I find brown banded cockroaches? These roaches are primarily nocturnal and prefer dry, warm environments. They usually seek refuge in people’s homes. They prefer areas with easy access to food and numerous hiding spots, such as pantries, closets, and, believe it or not, electronics!

What symptoms indicate a brown banded cockroach infestation? These cockroaches are more active at night, but they can be seen during the day, which means you have cockroaches! Another sign of infestation is dark brown faecal spots or smears in and around where they like to hang out. Tan-colored egg capsules found dislodged between cracks and crevices are the final sign of infestation.

What are the potential consequences of a brown banded cockroach infestation? They are known to carry dangerous bacteria that can cause diarrhoea, gastroenteritis, and allergies and asthma attacks. Bacteria can spread to food and preparation surfaces, causing food poisoning and dysentery.


Interesting Facts About Different Types of Australian Cockroaches


A cockroach can survive for a month without food, but only for a week without water.

A cockroach can survive without a head for a week. Due to a lack of water, it dies after a week.

Cockroaches are omnivores, which means they can eat almost anything!

A cockroach has the ability to hold its breath for up to 40 minutes.

Cockroaches can live in the walls of a clean house, but they will maintain larger colonies in a less clean environment due to a greater available food supply.

Have you seen any of these cockroaches in your house?

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