Bed Bugs

Bed Bug Control Swindon

Bed Bugs Life Cycle

You maybe reading this because you suspect you have an issue with Bed Bugs. If you do you will want to rid your property from these little critters as soon as possible. Bed Bugs are normally found close to there food source namely humans.

Ideal Bed Bug locations include sleeping areas within bed frames, bed furniture next to beds and kick boards. Having a Bed Bug infestation can cause a great deal of stress which we fully understand not to mention the itching from bites and potential infection arising from these bites.

We have seen a large increase in Bed Bug infestations this is generally thought to be because of the global increase in travel. If you believe you have a Bed Bug problem please contact us for a free quotation.

Signs You Have Bed Bugs

Bed Bugs can be difficult to identify, they can hide in very small cracks and crevices during they day then appear at night. Normally the first sign of Bed Bugs are bites these appear anywhere on the body.

Common Bed Bug Signs

We suggest you look for the following tell tail signs

  • Black Stains on Bedding and mattresses from Bed Bug excrement.
  • Live Bed Bugs normally they range in size from tiny to 4mm long.
  • Bed Bugs can leave a smell within the room which is a sickly smell and unpleasant.
Bed Bugs Control Swindon

Black marks from Bed Bug Faeces

Locating Bed Bugs

The bed should be the first place to look but they will also hide in furniture.

Some potential locations include

  • Carpets and Skirting boards
  • Cupboards and wardrobes
  • Plug sockets
  • Pictures on walls
  • Bedside lights
  • Headboards

Normally bed bugs are found near there food namely humans blood. They will feed when humans give off carbon dioxide during sleep.

If you have come across any of the above please give us a call on 01793 630768 and we would be happy to provide a quotation.

The Spread of Bed Bugs

We normally find the majority of infestations are caused by transfer of Bed Bugs via clothing and traveling cases.

Most of the Bed Bug problems we find occur when clients have stayed in hotels or hostels which have a Bed Bug problem. We would suggest being vigilant and looking for the above signs during stays in hotels and hostels.

Staying within any premises which has a infestation such as friends can cause transfer of Bed Bugs to your property. Many people think it is a cleanliness problem but even the cleanest of houses can have a Bed Bug problem.

How We Treat Bed Bugs

We treat Bed Bugs in a variety of ways these include Chemical and Heat Treatments. The first step is to survey the property concerned to find out the extent of the infestation. Pestcatcher provide a free survey for Bed Bugs and will discus the situation with you during your initial call with us.

Chemical treatments are offered and we use professional insecticide to eradicate Bed Bugs. We also offer Heat Treatments which is chemical free but the cost will be more than chemical treatments.

For hotels and hostels we also have Bed Bug dogs which can detect Bed Bugs by use of scent and we can offer monthly checks if required to do so.

If you are sure you want to try a DIY approach first then the independent has a interesting article.

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