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We are based in Swindon, local expert pest control services are available.
We provide round-the-clock service for your annoying insect problems, so you can count on us to handle any pest issue.

Pests can be a concern for both businesses and homeowners, causing property damage, posing health risks to inhabitants, and racking up large costs over time.

Whether you’re dealing with an insect infestation, an ant invasion, or a rodent infestation, it’s better to quickly deal  with these pest outbreaks. Pestcatcher Pest Control can assist you by providing a variety of local pest control services in the Swindon, Wiltshire, Gloucestershire and Oxfordshire that are suitable for both business and domestic customers.

Our skilled pest control technicians will locate the root of the problem and eliminate the pests swiftly, effectively, and with least disruption. We can get the work done in a variety of conditions and locations with reasonably priced packages for commercial customers.

You can be a homeowner who has to put up with rat infestations in the loft. 
We can deal with vermin in practically any situation, even if they have infiltrated areas that appear to be difficult to reach.

You may own a company that is suffering as a result of bird attacks on clients from the air. 
We can employ cutting-edge bird control tactics to stop the unwelcome invasions and ensure that your sales are not harmed.

If you own a warehouse, you may be concerned about creepy crawlies causing damage to goods and materials while they’re being stored. 
We can eliminate a wide range of insects, including flies, cockroaches, and other pests that provide a constant threat.

Our regional pest control technicians in the Swindon and Wiltshire will come to your aid and quickly remove any wasp nests you may have in your garden or other outdoor space.

Ant Removal

Bed Bug Removal

Bee Removal

Bird Removal

Cockroach Removal

Flea Removal

Mice Removal

Rat Removal

Wasp Removal

Woodworm Removal

Ryan MacNeil
Ryan MacNeil
Used Pestcatcher recently and had a good experience, value was incredible and knowledge was great, I like the honest nature and timing of Mark. Mark came to treat the property and did a great job, no pressure or worries. Definitely good to have this company locally based.
D Liff
D Liff
Very good service from a very honest and knowledgable guy. Could’ve easily fleeced me for poisons and traps etc but didn’t need it as it was birds not rats as I’d suspected. Highly recommended
Gary Huckin
Gary Huckin
I called on Bank Holiday Friday and he was here within 30 mins, Brilliant Service and well reasonable prices I wouldn't even look any further I would call Pestcatcher every time.....Thank you
Chris Wingfield
Chris Wingfield
Good honest advice.
Trudy Stradling
Trudy Stradling
I called on a Sunday and he was able to come out the next day, dealt with very quickly and efficiently and was cheaper than the council.
Really nice guy that came out. I called on a bank holiday and they were able to come out the very next morning. I didn't have a wasp nest as I had initially thought and the chap was able to put my mind at ease by telling me what he thought might have happened that led to the bug activity in our garage and identified that they were actually bees! Thank you for responding so fast and for helping me because, no matter what they are, if they have wings and buzz I'm a whimp and run!
per-axel warensjo
per-axel warensjo
Excellent service. Discovered the the waspnest and the company came out following day and removed it very quickly.
Debbie Barnes
Debbie Barnes
Very quick response and dealt with our wasps nest quickly.

Need Help With Insects

Have a Insect problem you need help with? Book an inspection or treatment now.

Rat And Mice Control

Help With Rodents

Rats and Mice can cause lots of damage to property and if your a business your reputation. We offer a free rodent survey in the Swindon area. If you are outside we charge a small fee to carry out a survey at your location.

Pigeon Control

Help With Birds

Do you have a bird problem? we can help! All birds in the UK are protected by law and we fully comply with legislation. We can assist in protecting your property against birds and comply with the law. Contact us for a Quotation Today.

Insect Control Home

Pest Control For Homes And Businesses

Our developed experience and knowledge are unparalleled. We provide pest control services in all Swindon, Wiltshire, Gloucestershire and Oxfordshire Cities, Towns and Villages. We take a hands-on approach to pest control, working closely with both homeowners and businesses to provide dependable pest treatment and pest prevention programmes. You can rely on Swindon’s pest control professionals to keep pests out of your home and business.

Business Pest Control

Commercial Pest Control Services

Pestcatcher Pest Control offers pest control services to a wide range of businesses and commercial sites for a variety of pest problems. We will collaborate with you to keep your company safe and reduce the risk of product contamination. We provide pest management programmes that are specifically tailored to your needs, regardless of the size of your company. Pestcatcher provides Swindon and Wiltshire businesses with commercial pest control they can rely on.


What You Can Expect from Pestcatcher Swindon

When you hire Pestcatcher Pest Control, you can expect:


  • Technicians with extensive training and experience
  • Pest control and prevention solutions that are customised and effective
  • After treatment dedicated contact for questions and advise
  • Treatments for pets, families, and the environment
  • Service that adheres to strict United Kingdom and industry guidelines

Pestcatcher Effective Pest Treatment and Prevention Methods:

Pest control is not a one-size-fits-all solution. Because of our personalised approach to treatments and tailored pest prevention programmes, you and your property will get the most out of our services.

The Pestcatcher Pest Control team provides pest control services with the utmost care and attention to detail to ensure your complete satisfaction.

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