Woodworm Control Swindon

Woodworm are wood boring insects which bore into wooden structures and can seriously weaken the timber.

Below are a explanation of the signs likely to show you have a woodworm infestation

  • Fresh exit holes – holes from woodworm can occur all year round but often from May – October
  • Dust- The dust is very fine almost like sawdust this is a sign or woodworm beetle larvae boring into the structure.
  • Woodworm Larvae – Normally cream in colour
  • Wood Tunnels – Within the wood you maybe able to see tunneling these can be small.

If you notice any of the above you may well have a woodworm infestation. We provide a onsite survey for a small fee to assess the level of infestation and provide a written report. All treatments carry a full 30 year guarantee to ensure complete client satisfaction.