Flea Control

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Cat Flea Ctenocephalides felis)

Flea Infestation & Removal

Fleas are extremely common pest in the UK, Pestcatcher pest control Swindon are experts in the control and eradication of fleas within homes and offices.

We have treated hundreds of properties and all our technicians are qualified to RSPH level 2 in pest control ensuring total flea eradication.


Signs that you have a flea problem and require flea control

Bites are normally the first sign of a infestation these bites are very irritating are normally focused around the extremities of the body such as the ankles and lower legs.

They can also bite other parts of the body if they are in beds and sofas.

If you have a pet then this is more than likely the source of the problem, watching your pet can confirm this as they will itch and scratch.

Check your pets bedding for signs of fleas, if you see fleas it is a good idea to wash bedding at a high temperature as this may slow the infestation.

Fleas can be seen and are often seen jumping about or actually within the fur of your pet. Vibrations will make fleas jump so when you enter a property you may find fleas jumping onto you looking for a feed.

Fleas are approximately 1mm in size and two species are most common the cat Flea and The Dog Flea.

Fleas can live without food for quite some time and cannot lay eggs until they have had a blood feed.

They will often reside within carpets, kick boards, crack and crevices and pets bedding. Hoovering is unlikely to get rid of eggs due to the fact they are normally placed in areas not accessible.

How We Treat Flea Infestations.

We tend to find that chemical treatments are the most effective solution for the treatment of fleas. We use only professional chemicals specifically designed for flea control and eradication.

It is important that the chemical used has a long residual life so that any emerging/hatching fleas will jump onto the chemical and die.

It is important to make clients aware that treatments may not be immediate but are effective and guaranteed.

Please contact us either via our phone number 01793 630768 or via email for a immediate response markb@www.pestcatcher.controlpestsolutions.co.uk