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Pestcatcher Pest Control are a family run friendly pest control business based in Swindon, we provide pest control to the public and also commercial clients.

Pestcatcher Pest Control Swindon covers, Wiltshire, Gloucestershire, Oxfordshire. Our service includes:

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Rats and Mice Control Swindon – Rats and Mice are scavengers and are attracted by food and warmth we provide a free survey to identify the problem.

Cockroach Control Swindon – cockkroaches pose a serious health risk and can spread salmonella & Gastroenteritis, we can provide expert control of cockroaches using the latest chemicals within the pest control industry.

Bed Bug Control Swindon –  they can spread very quickly and are easily transferred from one premises to another within suitcases and bedding, we provide chemical control and heat treatment based treatments for bed bugs.

Clothes Moth Control Swindon

Ant Control Swindon

Wasp Control Swindon

Bird Control Swindon

Squirrel Control Swindon

Rabbit Control Swindon

We also install provide sewer repair and installation of non return valves to prevent infestations of rats. We have access to drain survey equipment and provide full rat protection for properties.

Pest Control Swindon

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We understand that having a pest problem can be a stressful experience our team of experts are highly trained and provide a discrete and tailored pest control service in the Swindon area.

We can provide the following services

Free Surveys – identifying potential harbourage and access points

Insect Identification Service – onsite or Email identification service for insects

Latest Chemical and Non Chemical Treatments – we offer chemical and non chemical treatments tailored to the pest type you have

Competitive pricing – we may not be the cheapest but we believe in offering a quality service at a competitive price

Proofing Service – provide proofing against all pests

NPTA National Pest Technician Association – NPTA Members

Expert Pest Control Swindon


We provide control for all pests including rats and mice, bed bugs, cockroaches, squirrels, fleas, flies, Ants and wasps plus many more.

Pestcatcher pest control Swindon provide pest control throughout the Swindon area from Swindon town centre and outlying areas.

We specialise in Rodent and Insect pest control providing pest control services to domestic premises and commercial premises including Letting agents, Swindon Borough Council, restaurants, manufacturing facilities, rail and all other business types in the Swindon area.

We also provide bird control and supply and also netting and other deterrent options to clients in the Swindon area.

Cost Of Pestcatcher Pest Control Swindon

Swindon borough council pest control no longer provide a pest control service in the Swindon area, we aim to help residents with pest problems and provide a expert pest control service throughout Swindon.

We are often asked regarding the cost of pest control Swindon, this is difficult to answer as almost all situations are different.

We have a set fee for straight forward pest control services such as spraying for fleas, cockroaches, wasps nests etc. When it comes to rats and mice we provide a free survey and price accordingly due to each individual situation.

We provide a complete pest control service including Installation and repair of sewers including supply of our own inbuilt non return sewer valves.

We also provide camera sewer surveys with our own sewer camera technology.

Please Contact Pestcatcher Pest Control Swindon today for a quotation.

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Great Company very quick and removed our bumble bees that had taken up residence in a bird box

Leo Parks

Very happy with the service provided. Great response

Dean Higgs (Swindon)

Had a long running rat problem which was sorted by Pestcatcher great company

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